Dayton 6+1 Burners Gas Grill And Barbecue Set (MART)

Dayton 6+1 Burners Gas Grill And Barbecue Set (MART)


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Dayton 6+1 Burners Gas Grill And Barbecue Set (MART)


Colour Black

Fuel Type Natural Gas

Number Of Burners/Plates Others.


Gas barbecues are becoming increasingly popular and of course El Fuego has such irons in the fire. With a gas grill, the necessary temperature is not achieved by glowing charcoal, but logically by burning gas. The advantages are obvious: There is no smoke, making grilling healthier. The lead-time until the grill start is also very short. Thanks to several gas burners, heat zones can be easily set up with different temperatures, which allows meat, vegetables and fish to be cooked independently, yet perfectly at the same time.

In addition, most gas barbecues have a large grill surface and you can therefore satisfy every guest in a timely manner even at large BBQ parties. On the sides there are shelves that provide space for the next swing of meat or beer for the grill master.

  • The disadvantages are due to the size and use of gas. On the one hand, gas barbecues are therefore unwieldy – unless it is a table grill – and are only suitable for the large garden and terrace.
  • On the other hand, unlike charcoal, gas bottles are not easily available at the petrol station or in the supermarket. Here you should better have a gas bottle in reserve, so that the barbecue fun does not end prematurely.

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