Dinstar DAG1000-4S4O Analog VoIP Gateway- 4FXS & 4FXO Ports

Dinstar DAG1000-4S4O Analog VoIP Gateway- 4FXS & 4FXO Ports


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Dinstar DAG1000-4S4O Analog VoIP Gateway- 4FXS & 4FXO Ports

Dinstar DAG1000-4S4O Hybrid Analog VoIP Gateway offering seamless connectivity between IP-based telephony networks and legacy telephones (POTS), fax machines and PBX systems. The analog gateway has 4 FXS and 4 FXO ports which integrates both FXS and FXO features. Besides, the gateway is also designed with an escape plan in case of emergencies such as network failure or power disconnection. With the standard SIP protocol, it’s compatible with leading IMS/NGN platforms and SIP-based IP telephony systems. It provides low-cost and easy-to-use VoIP solutions for small and medium businesses, call centers, SOHO, remote offices as well as enterprises with multiple branches.


•Primary and secondary SIP account
•Flexible setport group
•IP trunk
•Flexible routing and manipulation
•Data/ Voice/ Management VLAN
•Voice and FAX all in one
•Life line

Physical Interfaces
• Phone Interfaces: 4FXS and 4FXO, RJ-11
• Ethernet Interfaces: 4*RJ-45 10/100Base-Tx, RJ-45

Voice & Fax
• Protocol: SIPv2, SDP, RTP (RFC2833)
• Codecs: G.711A/U law, G.723.1, G.729A/B
• Echo Cancellation: G.168 with up to 128ms
• FAX: T.38, Pass-through
• DTMF: Signal, RFC2833, INBAND
• NAT Traversal: STUN, Dynamic/Static NAT
• QoS: VLAN 802.1P/Q, DIFFServ ToS

FXO Port 
• Dialing Modes: Pulse and DTMF
• Pulse Dialing: 10 and 20 PPS
• Caller ID: DTMF, Bellcore Type 1&2, ETSI, BT, NTT
• Busy Tone/No Current Detection, Polarity Reversal Detection
• Lifeline: Power/Network Failure Lifeline

FXS Port
• Dialing Modes: Pulse and DTMF
• Caller ID: DTMF and FSK Presentation
• Hook Flash: Local or Relay processing
• Polarity Reversal: for Call Connect/Disconnection Signaling

Supplement Services
• Call Waiting, Call Transfer (Blind transfer, Attendant Transfer), Call Forwarding, Hotline, Call Hold, Do-not-disturb

Power Supply
• Input: 12VDC 2A, Power Adapter
• Power Consumption (Typical): 20W

• Dimension: 242(L)*152(W)*40(H) mm
• Weight: 1.0KG
• Temperature (Operation): 0 ℃~ 45 ℃
(Storage): -20 ℃~80 ℃
• Humidity: 10%-90% Non-condensation


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