Elica Getup Table Hood | PRF0162784 | 90cm Black

Elica Getup Table Hood | PRF0162784 | 90cm Black


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Elica Getup Table Hood | PRF0162784 | 90cm Black

<b>Dim-Light</b><br><br> The room brightness can be adjusted at any time to suit the time of day or domestic activity. Dimmable LEDs always create the right atmosphere and allow you to save energy.<b>Special Material</b><br><br>Materials play a fundamental role in the development of beautiful products that want to be presented and at the same time should be useful in everyday life. They can make a difference both in terms of aesthetics when they become protagonists or disappearing behind other pieces of furniture, as well as ease of maintenance over time. Fundamental to innovation, they are the cornerstone of a pleasing look and satisfying use. Elica selects materials in which durability, easy cleaning and a particular aesthetic impact are perfectly balanced. The wide range of available finishes ensures maximum freedom in the choice for the space.<b>Easy Maintenance</b><br><br>Keeping the extractor hood clean not only guarantees maximum hygiene in the kitchen, but also extends the service life of the product. Elica models are made with materials and finishes that allow maintenance operations to be carried out quickly. All components such as grease and odor filters are easily accessible and can be easily removed for cleaning or quick replacement.<b>Connectivity</b><br><br>With the increasing expansion of the IoT (Internet of Things), controlling devices via a WLAN connection has already become commonplace. Today we can operate our extractor hood through Elica's dedicated app or through voice control to switch it on or off and adjust the suction power or intensity and the color of the light: easily with a click or with the help of the most well-known voice assistants. The app also becomes a useful tool in the maintenance of the device, thanks to regular notifications about the status, the need for cleaning or the need to replace the filters.<b>Total integration</b><br><br>In modern kitchens, the total look trend ensures a homogeneous, even and linear design in the room. Products marked Total Integration have been designed to be perfectly integrated into the kitchen. This maintains the harmony of the room.

Maximum freedom for style, space and interaction


Getup fits discreetly into any kitchen and allows maximum freedom in composition. It disappears completely in the closet when not in use. The different finishes available (black, stainless steel, cast iron, coverable) can be adapted to the style and therefore offer maximum aesthetic integration.

Interacting with Getup is amazingly natural and smart. The Touch Control interface is handy, always in front of your eyes, and each function can be selected with a light touch.

The suction and the lights can also be controlled via the voice assistant (Alexa, Google) that you activate via the WiFi connection, or with the Elica Connect app, which gives feedback on filter maintenance and tips on how to use the hood.


ELICA CONNECT: Connectivity with an app and voice assistance for maximum freedom

With Elica Connect you can control your hood via smartphone or voice assistants.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can conveniently operate your hood remotely with just a few clicks, wherever you are. Control on/off switching, suction power, lighting, maintenance of your cooker hood and much more.

Elica Connect helps you conveniently check the condition of the filters and, if necessary, remind you to clean, replace or regenerate them, to ensure optimal performance and clean air in your home.

The voice assistant allows you to turn the hood on and off and choose the power level. Or set the lighting using voice commands. So you can fully concentrate on your cooking process.

  • This hood can be used for two operating modes: exhaust air mode or air recirculation mode.
  • For exhaust air operation, an additional exhaust air pipe to the outside is required
  • An additional filter system based on activated carbon is required for recirculation mode.
  • headroom hood
  • Black soft touch effect and black glass
  • Connectivity
  • Elica Connect App (Smartphone Android or iOs)
  • voice control
  • LED lighting:- Dim Light– Strip LED 1 x 7 W

    – Intensity: 203 Lux

    – Color temperature: 3500 K

  • 3 power levels + 1 intensive level
  • Infrared touch control
  • timer
  • Saturation indicator for grease and odor filters
  • Easy maintenance
  • total integration
Technical specifications
  • Device dimensions (W x D): 862 x 110 mm
  • For further dimensions see dimensional sketch
  • Exhaust nozzle Ø 150 mm
  • Total connected load: 317 W
  • Factory-set to exhaust air mode
  • Air recirculation possible
Information on energy efficiency and consumption values

according to Regulation (EU) No. 65/2014

  1. Manufacturer: ELICA
  2. Model: PRF0162784
  3. Cooker Hood: Annual Energy Consumption (Aec): 54.10 kWh/year
  4. Cooker hood: energy efficiency class: A
  5. Fluid Dynamic Efficiency: 31.90%
  6. Fluid dynamic efficiency class: Aon a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient)
  7. Cooker hood: Lighting efficiency: 52.10 lux/Watt
  8. Lighting efficiency class: Aon a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient)
  9. Degree of fat separation: 65.10%
  10. Grease separation class: D (> 65 – 75%)on a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient)
  11. Air flow at minimum speed in normal operation: 250.00 m³/hAir flow at maximum speed in normal operation: 485.00 m³/h
  12. Air flow in operation on the intensive level/high speed level: 730.00 m³/h
  13. A-weighted airborne noise emission at minimum speed in normal operation: 45.00 dBA-weighted airborne noise emission at maximum speed in normal operation: 62.00 dB
  14. A-weighted airborne noise emission in operation at the intensive level/high-speed level: 69.00 dB
  15. Power consumption when off: no details
  16. Standby power consumption: 0.49 watts
scope of delivery
  • Elica Getup PRF0162784 Table hood 90 cm Black
  • Aluminum grease filter
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