Hisense Refrigerator 64WC-RM 560L Bottom Freezer

Hisense Refrigerator 64WC-RM 560L Bottom Freezer


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product code : sku - 45078
  • 560L,
  • NO Frost,
  • 2 Doors REF + 2 Drawers FRZ,
  • Water Dispenser and Ice maker,
  • French Door Series Black Color,


Easy and simple access to cold drinks
This very convenient built-in ice and water dispenser with a volume of 2.2 Liter can produce enough ice for the whole family. Without opening the fridge door, you can choose out of ice cubes, crushed ice or chilled water, whatever and whenever you want. Hassle-free way of getting your cold drinks.

Designed to meet even the most demanding users. Because of its premium appearance with flat door design and recessed handles and high-quality materials this fridge-freezer is a perfect fit for any modern kitchen.

My fresh choice, the bottom right compartment, can easily be converted from a fridge and freezer with -18℃~+5℃ temperature setting. By creating the perfect temperature environment you need, you can prolong the freshness and taste quality of your desired food efficiently.

Triple Zone
Same fridge, triple choice
The three separate compartments allow you to adjust the temperature according to different needs. The tripe temp zone avoids mixing of the smells between refrigerated and frozen food.

The rear wall of the fridge is overlaid with stainless steel, which ensures the cool air is distributed evenly from the inside out. This combination of advanced technologies ensures ideal temperature and humidity levels at all times.

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