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*Remove odor
*Gentle Dry

CAPACITY    3 Hangers + 1 Trouser
DIMENSION (W*D*H MM)    445 X 1850 X 585 Mm
Type    Clothing Care System
Color    Mirror
Control / Display    Touch
CAPACITY    3 Hangers + 1 Trouser
DIMENSION (W*D*H MM)    445 X 1850 X 585 Mm
Type    Clothing Care System
Color    Mirror
Control / Display    Touch


LG styler is made for a healthier life

Throughout the day, the clothes you wear can pick up harmful dust, bacteria, and allergens. Sanitizing clothes is as important as washing your hands after getting home every day. Keep your clothes clean and hygienic with LG styler.

Refresh clothes in the comfort of your home

Unpleasant smells, harmful pollutants, dripping wet, wrinkles, seasonal clothes and even difficult to clean items. Effortlessly remove them quickly and effectively at your home.

LG patented technology

Moving hanger x TrueSteam™ clothing care

The moving hanger simulates the hand waving for clothes, throwing away the dust with 200 swings per minute, while it can create more space for TrueSteam™ in contacting with the clothes. It can kill 99.9% of bacteria*, viruses*, dust mites and allergens, as well as reduce odors and wrinkles in your clothes. TrueSteam™ consists of 100% water, with no chemical additives. Low temperature drying system dries clothing faster than air drying, preventing shrinking and damage caused by heat.


Shake off wrinkles and odors

Care for suits, dresses, sweaters and more with the touch of a button, so you and your clothes will always look at your best. Shake off ODORS, leaving your clothes as fresh as a daisy!


Efficiently reduce 99.9% allergens and bacteria

The healthy way to treat your clothes! TrueSteam™ eliminates influenza and coronavirus, and reduces up to 99.9% allergens and bacteria. Easily sanitize fabrics and items that are difficult or impossible to wash. TrueSteam™ consists of 100% water, with no chemical

Gentle dry

Prevent shrinkage and damage

Heat-Pump Technology – Gently dry clothes that require special care without worrying about shrinkage or damage. No more dampness or accidental damage – only fresh, clean clothes as they were meant to be!

Pants press

Perfectly crease pants

With pants crease care, it keeps pant creases looking crisp while reducing general wrinkling. Quick and easy care for your pants.


ThinQ™ app lets you operate or monitor precious garments from anywhere, anytime. You can use Cycle Download to add newly developed care cycles.

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