LG XBOOM 44CJ 480W Mini Hi-Fi System

LG XBOOM 44CJ 480W Mini Hi-Fi System


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  • Bluetooth Music Streaming: Yes
  • MP3 player USB charging: Yes
  • Playback settings: Random, Repeat1, Repeat All
  • Voice Canceller: Yes
  • Key Changer: Yes
  • Karaoke Microphone Input: Yes (1)
  • Bluetooth Multi-Device Connection: Yes (Up to 3 devices simultaneously)
  • Bluetooth Standby Wakeup: Yes
  • Bluetooth Jukebox: Yes


The LG CJ 44, 480 watt Hi-Fi audio system. Enjoy clear, rich, room-filling music from a compact audio sound system. LG’s CJ44 defies its size, delivering 480 watts of Bluetooth-streamed entertainment from your compatible smartphone and tablet. You can also enjoy the connectivity option of a USB port as well. Amped up for a party? So is the Auto DJ feature, which virtually eliminates the gaps between songs.

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