Scanfrost 210L Direct Cool Refrigerator SFR 212XX

Scanfrost 210L Direct Cool Refrigerator SFR 212XX


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  • 210-litre capacity
  • Energy saving
  • Double Door
  • Direct cool refrigerator


Scanfrost 212L Refrigerator SFR 212XX is a stylish fridge that will give your drinks the super coolness that you deserve.

The fridge shelves ensure a super-fast freezing function that circulates uniformly across the refrigerator to ensure your drinks are cold.

Scanfrost 210L Refrigerator SFR 212XX designed stylishly with a zinc-coated door and shelves that are anti-rust forever. It also has a streamlined exterior design that is captivating when it comes to well-arranged compartments.

Scanfrost  Fridge is designed with a bar handle that is strong and firm enough to withstand frequent openings. The refrigerator gives you maximum interior space and options to store varieties of drinks in a well-ordered manner to give your refrigerator a perfect design which also makes it very easy for you to view and access all your drinks.

The fridge which has a 500-liter capacity, can store your drinks, and groceries, and it will still remain cool even when the main power supply is interrupted

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