Scanfrost – 90X60 5Burner Gas Cooker SFC9502SS

Scanfrost – 90X60 5Burner Gas Cooker SFC9502SS


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  • SFC9502SS – 90X60 CMS
  • Rapid, Semi-Rapid, Triple and Auxiliary Burners
  • Cast iron pot stand
  • Stainless steel body with Muscular top
  • Digital display with soft touch switches for lamp, turnspit and electronics timer
  • Oven burner and grill burner with turnspit
  • Auto Sparker within control knob
  • 5 Gas Burners  (1 WOK + 4 NORMAL)
  • Fully Stainless Steel Flash Board , Lamp and Gas Oven
  • No glass lid


Scanfrost – 90X60 5Burner Gas Cooker SFC9502SS helps to cook food properly and on time. Designed with a timer, and to stop at the set time. The knobs are well installed that, the amount of heat that is allocated to a certain point can be controlled and monitored.

The burners on the Scanfrost Gas Burners Stainless Steel Splash Board SFC9502SS burn in a very clean fashion. This scanfrost 90×60 5 burner cooker also comes with series of gas burners that are user compliant, once the knob is on, it lights up immediately there is fire.

The grill of this scanfrost 90×60 5 burner cooker is programmable, it has beautiful lighting, the ignition has both manual and automatic functions.

The 5 burner gas cooker has an outstanding cooking experience with its various features like 90×60 scanfrost burner gas cooker with central wok burner Superior Stainless Steel finish Black Matte finish Double Glass Insulated Door Auto ignition for oven Top grille + bottom burner for oven + oven tray, you will have wonderful cooking trips with less stress. Cooking multiplies food at the same time with the number of burners available, giving your food a wonderful taste and keeping your kitchen utensils from burning.

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