Tramotina 14 – Piece Covered Mixing Bowl Set

Tramotina 14 – Piece Covered Mixing Bowl Set


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With a range of sizes and matching lids, this set of Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowls from Tramontina is essential for kitchen prep work. The wide-rim bowls make multitasking a breeze as they’re easy to maneuver from the counter to the fridge. Non-skid silicone bases keep the bowls stationary for even the most enthusiastic of mixers, whether they’re whisking eggs or mixing batter.

Tight-fitting lids for each bowl make it easy to store whatever you’re prepping from diced veggies and spices to large salads or leftover cake batter. Mirror-polished interiors and satin-brushed exteriors are an attractive addition to your kitchen. Choose from red, aqua or gray silicone bases to suit your style. And, they’re dishwasher safe!

  • Set includes 7 sizes of mixing bowls with matching lids
  • Range of sizes for prepping, mixing, stirring, storing & serving
  • Wide rims with non-skid silicone bases for added stability
  • Bowl interiors have easy-to-read measuring marks

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