Wahl 2-Hole Taper Blades |1006-400|Bladeset (NN)

Wahl 2-Hole Taper Blades |1006-400|Bladeset (NN)


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Wahl 2-Hole Taper Blades |1006-400|Bladeset (NN)
This one blade set of Wahl 2-Hole Taper Blades, made in Wahl’s cutting edge US-based factories, can be used as replacements for all Wahl full sized professional clippers including the incredibly popular Super Taper. On adjustable clippers, push taper lever all the way up toward lid. On all clippers, position small moving blade over the clipper drive finger. Set large stationary blade on small moving blade and partially tighten blade screws. Move stationary blade into alignment, making sure the ends of moving blade teeth are .025 to .050 back from stationary blade. Tighten screws. Never tap on teeth to move the stationary blade.Apply Wahl Clipper Oil to Wahl 2-Hole Taper Blades before turning on clipper.
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